Friday, 1 July 2011


Sorry if my posts seem kind of depressive/sad. It's just that when I write, I normally write when I'm emotional and upset because it's a vent for me. Therefore a significant amount of what I write is depressive/sad. I need to start writing when I am happy as well, just to give myself more of a variety and range of writing and not come across as so "emo" in my blog hehe :) I don't want to be one of those sad people with sad hollow thoughts, because deep down I'm not like that at all, I want to be one of those people with an ethereal light that emanates from within and be full of wondrous life.
Fact of the matter is : LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL.

Love, Georgia.

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  1. Hi Georgia
    I never once got the impression the posts were
    the only thing I ever think is how wonderful it is to
    (not only) be able to express yourself so freely - but in poetry form ... something I am forever in awe of
    - George