Friday, 8 July 2011


I wrote this when I was in high school, quite a while ago. I was going through my old school books when I found it on some lined paper in my maths book, surrounded by pen-drawn intertwining flowers. The writing style isn't amazing, but what can I say, once a dreamer always a dreamer.

I let my head tip back,
And I close my eyes in silence.
I breathe the thick air of the bustling class room.
I hear the drone of the teacher,
the chattering of students,
the clashing of church bells.
I let it fade.
Until I breathe the essence of the forest, it's wild flowers and dew drops.
Until I hear the song of birds,
the wind caressing the trees, the hum of indifferent life.
This is where I long to be,
but I cannot.
For the human race has a hunger and expectation for success.
Fast, greedy, ignorant.
This realisation terminates my escape and tears me back to reality.

- Georgia MacLeod

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