Thursday, 2 June 2011


So, first blog post. Cool beans.
I'm Georgia and I like to read annnndd......

... funny, I've been thinking about writing this blog for a while, and have all these fabulous ideas. But when I actually go to write something, all thoughts and eloquent sentences escape from my head in a little flurry, like they're afraid to be written crudely over the internet. I can write just fine. In my head. But now its come down to it... well. Yeah I'm suffering writers block the moment so I'll just leave you with a quote from one of my favorite writers, what of it.
"Bubble gum angels swooped from top margins or scraped their wings between teeming paragraphs, maidens with golden hair dripped sea blue tears into the books spine, grape-colored whales spouted blood around a newspaper item (pasted in) listing arrivals to the endangered species list. Six hatchlings cried from shattered shells near an entry made on Easter. Cecilia had filled the pages with a profusion of colors and curlicues, candyland ladders and striped shamrocks."  Jeffrey Eugenides (The Virgin Suicides)
- Georgia MacLeod


  1. Virgin Suicides is definitely in my top five favourite books :D Cecila was such an enigmatic character, Eugenides constructs her perfectly.
    This is my favourite quote from the book:
    "I ask you: is dullness a gift? intelligence a curse? I'm forty-seven years old and live alone"

    Your writing is so lovely x

  2. I agree! Eugenides has such a beautiful style of writing, the kind I want to emanate.
    Thank you so much! It means a lot to hear that.
    Your photography is beautiful, very ethereal, I love it :)