Tuesday, 21 June 2011


My father is a quiet man. He only speaks when necessary and never ever rambles about himself. He is well spoken, and most of what he says is calculated and very well thought out. He is solitary, and does not care one bit for social status or popularity. He does however, care for etiquette and manners, and raised me with the same values; "Georgia stand up straight", "Georgia elbows in at the table".  

One might, at first impression, assume he is feeble; for his manner is modest and inconspicuous. But I know better. I know that deep, under all of his polite demeanor dwells a strong minded and strong willed person. I have seen him win disputes many times over. When confronted he stands tall and does not back down, his speech and arguments are potent and vigorous. He knows when to stand up, and he knows when it's not worth it.

He is the still point in our crazy family of majority females. My mum is the complete opposite of him; loud and vivacious. But that is why I think they work so well together and have been together for over 33 years. They balance each other out. I don't think he knows how much I value him, and how much of a role model he is to me. God knows we have had plenty of arguments, he's had more with me than my other sisters (I blame my stubbornness), but at the end of the day I do look up to him. He's been through so much, especially now. My family has had the most horrible luck in the past few weeks. But I know, that throughout it all, he will stay strong.

- Georgia MacLeod

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  1. This is the most honest and courageous post I think you've ever shown me. If it isn't your literature that is admirable, then it has to be your honesty. something people are afraid to show, even I myself. people are so pretentious at times but your the epitome of honesty. when I value our relationship I never have to think of the question wether I trust you not, the answer has always laid in your honesty. and I know that if you say something, you believe it, even if I have to itch at it. your honest is much greater then those eyes you wield, and far prettier then that cheeky smile you give.