Monday, 6 June 2011

Cirque des Etoiles

One day I'll run away with the circus. I will live in my own caravan that the circus will donate to me. I will work as the make up and costume lady, and help the performers with their audacious attire. I will paint the clowns faces, braid the horses hair, and glitter the gymnasts eyes with many wonderful and different colours. The circus will be called "Cirque des Etoiles" which means "Circus of Stars", and we will only perform by the moonlight. We will be a nocturnal circus and sleep during the day. 

People will see our circus from a mile away, because the many gas lights, lanterns, candles and flame throwers cast a golden light up into the blackened night sky. There will be a plethora of different people that will come to see our circus, but they will all have one thing in common; a love for the weird, wonderful and beautiful, and they will all have an open, happy mind. As they approach the red and gold tent, there will be a magnetic buzz of anticipation, undulating down their spines. They will be hypnotized by the performances, and delight will fill the air. Every night, after the circus there will be a  flamboyant party, and everyone will laugh and dance around a bonfire, and we will all eat circus food like fairy floss, and share the finest apple cider. 

After this, just before dawn, I would retire to my caravan, which is always glowing in candle light. Dream catchers hang from its roof and photo frames documenting my many adventures line its walls. I will sleep in purple satin blankets with the one I love and I will be happy.

- Georgia MacLeod

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