Saturday, 4 June 2011


Today I drove down to Mandurah with my mum and dad to see my gran. She is my only grandparent left and she's ninety years old. She is a fascinating woman to say the least. There's so much history etched into her hands and face and everything about her and her home interests me. Everything has a story.
Her body is fragile, and she walks as though she is a porcelain doll that might break... And yet her eyes are so full of fire. I can see a strong, youthful spirit inside her. It almost seems like her body is a prison, and she is longing to break free from it. I don't see her often enough, but after today something clicked in me, despite our  physcial and historical differences, we are very alike and I think I can learn a lot from her.

- Georgia MacLeod


  1. this is beautifully written
    from this you can tell you are a poet
    I love how a few lines on a sterile computer
    screen can have such an emotional impact on you
    - George

  2. It means so much to hear something like this, thank you!! I hope what I write has an impact on others as well, I love reading things and being able to see them clear as day in front of me as if they are real, or seeing emotions so perfectly described that they become my own; it's that kind of writing that I aim for.

    Just had a look at your blog, I'm a huge fan of The Smiths as well! Your photography is awesome, love your style, keep up the fantastic work!