Saturday, 18 June 2011


I've been unemployed for the past few weeks and I have zilch money. 
I could go into a rant about how shitty it is not being able to buy clothes, shoes and other shiny, sparkly, pretty things. But I won't. I will instead look upon the often overlooked; the bright side.
Unemployment is a learning experience. It's made me appreciate smaller things. It's made me opt for staying in with the family and being able to draw and write more over going clubbing/pubbing. Over the past few weeks I've almost perfected the art of drawing and shading roses, my journal is more substantially inked with writing, I'm doing more pilates and I drink more tea and less vodka.
I feel almost... Disconnected from the world and it's superficiality. And I love it.

Although I have to say, not being able to buy multiple coffees is annoying hence I'm going to make a solid effort to get a job as of Monday.
But only for the coffee :3

- Georgia MacLeod


  1. great blog you've got here Georgia
    ... looks very promising
    look forward to more of your poetry
    - George how even with only the lips visible
    you can still tell it's Twiggy!

  2. Thanks so much George :) I don't really expect people to read it so it's great getting comments/feedback :D
    Yeah she has a very identifiable face, It's gorgeous!