Monday, 6 June 2011

A Perfect Sunday

The day will buzz with a spring glow, the sun will shine and the weather will be a perfect toasty warm. The air will smell rich and sweet; perfumed by spring flowers and freshly cut grass.

 I will wake up refreshed from a long and blissful nights sleep, full of dreams and cuddles. I will start the day by making breakfast for someone special in my white timber kitchen, with it's lace curtains drawn to let the sunlight flood the room, which is always full of vases of tulips from my bountiful garden which seems to overflow with a  superfluity of flowers.
 I will bake croissants from the finest ingredients, cook eggs from our own chicken coup, and make berry drinks with freshly picked berries.

After this I will spend the rest of the day with this someone special, and we will make a tent out of sheets and quilts in the garden, as though we are children again. We will  laugh together, and play our favorite music from the house so it can undulate down amongst the trees. In the tent we will read our favorite books together, and tell each other stories of our adventures that we've once had, or dream of having. We will tell each other our secrets; secrets which are thereby confined to the boundaries of the tent and our minds. Their secrets will become mine and mine will become theirs. We will fall asleep together to the sound of birds and to the honey scent of the air.  The setting sun will start to creep into our tent, making our skin glow with its warmth. The sensation will wake us and we will pack up our tent, to do again another Sunday.

 - Georgia MacLeod

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