Thursday, 23 June 2011

A Page in Time

I’m sure you are all aware of the fact that many a book store, such as Borders, are being closed due to the new technologic phenomenon; “E-Readers”. Paper back and hard back books are being replaced by “apps”, in which you can buy books and read them through your E-Reader.

In my opinion, to lose the world of literature to cyber space would be a great tragedy indeed. One may say that literature itself is not lost; it is merely and instead embedded in cyber space. This, in some part may be true. However I believe that literature and reading is much more than just words.

The feel of a book in my hand, the musky smell of its pages, the sound of turning each page; these are just some things that add to the beauty of literature and reading. And the moment of perfect clarity, after smoothing my hand over a closed book cover after I have finished reading it, and placing it back in my bookshelf, snug, amongst the other books. This simple (and to some silly) moment is one of my happiest.  How can anyone get such satisfaction out of pixels on a technologic tablet? Why are we all becoming so futuristic? Stay vintage people. Stay vintage.

- Georgia MacLeod

I recommend anyone read the above book, the same Pride & Prejudice story line, except with gory bone crunching, teeth gnashing zombies!


  1. for a second (split) I thought this post could be about the virtues of
    THAT 'modern day reading phenomenon - then I realised (from the
    bit I know about you) that doesn't really seem to fit the picture(!)
    and I was right! ... when I see people reading on ipads etc - it downright
    depresses me - like you said, how can it compare, it's about turning
    the page, seeing marks/flecks on the actual paper -and still having
    a book at the end of it - that satisfaction you get when you read the
    last page,close the book, look at it and think 'just read that

    the book sounds interesting but I'm not really into zombies etc!!
    (the 'misfits don't count!) I saw a bit about it on hipster musings
    I like the concept though
    - george

  2. I still don't understand how a person can read an entire book on a tablet. Although I do disagree with the idea that you are content with finishing a book. I always feel so lost and empty without the characters, I want the books to never end. Hence why I haven't finished a few classics because I can't let them go, hehe.

  3. I agree... though, I admit, for some 700+ pagers, it would be more convenient to have something less hefty. Though it would be ideal in my case if I had a more comfortable place to do my reading :-/

    I will never buy a kindle, however. I have enough books to last me quite a while anyway.